H6 navigation smartphone 6 Inch HUD holder

Item No.: H6 smartphone HUD holder
smartphone can download APP named HUD, then the HUD APP can display information on the holder glass.
Description Display in the car Installation Package
6 Inch H6 navigation smartphone HUD holder

Purposes of use
-GPS navigation: It reflects any HUD-Based APP,Cell phone/smartphone holder, speedometer,clock etc.
-Increased safety: You can see the same information you would get from the dashboard without lowering your head while driving.
Your family safety is the most important topic and HUD reflects our commitment to never compromise on performance.
The turn-by -turn HUD based navigation features of modern smartphones are so good, they are almost entirely replaced standalone GPS units.
After downloading a suitable App, the HUD turns any smartphone into a head-up display, which promise all the same functionality you’d expect from a traditional HUD setup, except without any of the hassle on installation.

Product Detail information

  1. Organic glass board
  2. Display information
  3. Universal Smartphone holder
  4. Non-slip mat
  5. Smartphone




1. Firstly, please download HUD based application from the itunes or google play app stores. To be more productive try these keywords from searching: “HUD Navigation”, “GPS HUD” or “Head Up Display”
2. Choose an appropriate place on the car dashboard and put the non-slip mat(4) on the place you want.
3. Tear off the protective film from the two side of original glass(1)
4. Put the universal smartphone holder(3) on the non-slip mat(4)
5. Take off the protectiove film on the surface(2) and put the phone on the surface of HUD holder
6. Adjust the original glass (1) to appropriate angle so you can see the APP reflection correctly(usually visual angle is 45°)

Specificate as below:

Package including:
1 x holder,                        
1 x clean cloth,                
1 x non-slip mat,                      
1 x English User Manual

 Please donnot use alcohol cleaning the original glass, use only cleaning cloth by water