Latest P10 2.6 Inch OBD2 Smart Digital Device HUD

Item No.: P10
OBD smart digital device connects car OBD2 interface by OBD cable, and dispaly the driving datas, e.g. vehicle speed, engine RPM, water temperature, fuel consumption etc. It can keep the driver’s eyes always on road to avoid the dangerous of lowering down
Description Display in the car Installation Package
最新 P10 2.6 英寸 OBD2 智能数字设备 HUD

P10 HUD 特点:

1.可用于带有 OBD2 和 EUOBD 端口(汽车自动诊断系统)的汽车,即插即用
2.TFT LCD 多色智能显示屏
7. Rich Contents:vehicle speed,engine RPM,water temperature,voltage,instantaneous fuel consumption,average fuel consumption,driving distance measurement,driving time ,low voltage alarm,high water temperature alarm,over speed alarm, engine fault code alarm, eliminate the fault code,freely switch between kilometers&miles.


P10 OBD Smart Digital Device connect car OBD interface by OBD cable
Work for cars with OBD2 interface
Please note: usually cars produced after 2003 year has OBD2 interface

Package including:
1 x HUD body,                       
1 x OBD cable,                                
1 x non-slip mat,                     
1 x English User Manual
Model P10 HUD
Screen size 2.6 Inch
Product size 73*68*46 mm
Product weight 40 g
Package box size 14.6x 8.8x 4.8 cm
包裹重量 140 克
纸箱尺寸 52x29x24cm
净重 7.28 公斤
总重量 7.89 公斤