WiiYii New OBD2+GPS Gauge for Car

Item No.: F11
touch screen
Description functions
OBD functions: vehicle speed(Km/h or MPH),engine RPM,water temperature(°C or °F),battery voltage, fuel consumption,trip distance ,trip time , clock,oil temperature, turbine pressure, air fuel ratio,gps satellite numbers, altitude,driving direction, speed up test, brake  test , display detail fault code in text, and clear the fault code,Longitude and latitude

OBD2 Alarms: Over speed alarm, Battery Voltage alarm,Water temperature alarm, error code Alarm, Fatigue driving reminder
GPS information:vehicle speed(Km/h or MPH),battery voltage,trip time,trip distance,clock,driving direction,altitude, gps satellite numbers

Alarms: battery voltage alarm,over speed alarm

manual or auto adjust the brightness, alarm sound switch, auto pwer on/off